At Industrial, we create and manufacture each and every one of our signs in-house in our Oklahoma City facility. By not outsourcing to third-party vendors, it allows our company to ensure that we always deliver high quality and consistent service to our customers, while also remaining adaptable to all of their requests. Using state-of- the-art equipment, we are proud to offer consumers with signage of the highest quality in all aspects. It is our guarantee that no matter the detail, request or size of the sign, we can build it and install on or by your building.

Zoning Permits:

At Industrial, it is our responsibility to ensure that your sign meets and abides by all of the planning, zoning, and municipality requirements held by the city in which we are installing your sign before manufacturing and fabrication begin. This is one of the most important parts in the entire process and many do not realize that without the proper permits and required criteria, your sign cannot legally be displayed. We will handle all of the background work for you and ensure that your sign can be installed without the slightest threat of taking it down.

Sign Services/Repair:

To ensure that your public image and lasting impression remains positive to your current and potential consumers, it is important that your signs condition is always a direct reflection of your company’s goals and objectives. We know that sign damage happens, especially with the unpredictable threat of weather in the Midwest and Southern regions of the United States. Let us be the company you turn to when your sign needs a repair or update. We can repair or replace anything that your sign may be in need of. From complete restorations, to partial re-fabrications and paint repair, our company in each facet is always prepared to handle whatever you may need.


With a very diverse fleet of crane, bucket, and service trucks, our company is able to install all of our signs – indoor and outdoor – throughout the state of Oklahoma and nationally. Our installation team brings over 50+ years of experience to every job site, allowing us to install signage in virtually every situation presented, large or small. In addition, we also proudly offer installation services for companies who have already had their signs manufactured, but do not have the ability to install it themselves. If this is something you are looking for, please contact us for more information.

Sign & Logo Design:

Our state-of- the-art computer software combined with our world-class design team work directly with our clients to ensure that our customer’s ideas and suggestions are always properly incorporated into their work. Whether you want a sign or logo concept made from scratch or help with an existing idea, we ensure our team of professionals will provide you with artwork that directly matches what you are envisioning for your company.